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Sedation Dentistry Services in Hyannis and Woods Hole, MA

Sedation dentistry — A woman using sedation dentistry services in Hyannis, MA
  • Fearful or anxious patients wanting little to no memory of the visit
  • Anyone with a severe gag reflex, chronic or acute jaw soreness or physical limitations
  • People who have difficulty getting numb or simply want a more relaxing experience
  • Perfect for those who need to get more dentistry done in fewer visits


"Dental fear was real for me. I'd rather have major surgery! Barnstable Dental and Dr. Demarest changed all that for me.

The ladies in the office from Jennifer (c'mon you can do it) to my close friend Tammy, knowing how strong I really am, to the Hygienist Tiffany cheering me on and making me laugh.Tiffany just made me feel calm like it would be over before I knew it. She's good!

Anyway, I did it! I got through it, I can't believe it. The sedation of course, don't let me mislead you, was necessary and DID work. I wasn't completely asleep and it did cost me some money, but so worth it when fear grips you.

Thank you Dr. Demarest for your kind manner and easygoingness thanks for keeping me in the chair as gently as possible.

Thank you for knowing when I was trying to weasel my wait out. Thank you Barnstable Dental for helping me face my fears. I'm still nervous, but as they say sometimes you got to go........ where everybody knows your fears, and their always glad you came....... you wanna go where people know.........where fears are helped with novacaine........ you wanna go where everybody knows your name (fear)."

Sincerely, Renay